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Or Top Sellers. These products are available from stock almost all the time. This makes them our top sellers.

Basically the things every skydiver needs!

Who we are?

Easy answer: We are skydivers and tunnel flyers!

We started with skydiving as a hobby and required all kinds of goods and services. However a lot of questions were not answered and we were always afraid of buying the wrong thing or at the wrong place.

This is where was born. We started with suites and small things almost 10 years ago. The online shop and the rest of the products were added in 2014. We ship to all over Europe with a strong focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Most of the products you can find here are in use by us or at least tested/tried.

You can find us on a lot of boogies all over europe.

What can we do for you?

We offer selected products used for skydiving for a top price.

We help you answering questions like "What do i really need" we try to get the correct answer for every skydiver so if you have one just feel free to contact us.

There is a huge amount of possible combination of tools, decisions should be made with care.

New items

We are looking for new items and innovation all the time.

Its important that we dont promote one day wonders but tested and approved products. We sell what makes sense for skydiving.


We selected some products we like. Not 100% connected to skydiving but a good addon.

I like the scooter a lot, some of my friends used it for more than 1000km now and its still fine.

You dont want to miss knee or elbow pads when you fly in the tunnel :-) beliefe me i tried without.

Nützliche Dinge die man beim springen und Tunnelfliegen gut brauchen kann.

Zentrale Linz

Hier sind wir so gut wie immer anzutreffen. Wir bitten dennoch um telefonische Anmeldung falls Ihr etwas Abholen möchtet.

Niederreithstrasse 36a
4020 Linz

Windobona Wien

Abmessen im Wind Tunnel ist natürlich auch möglich. Ein Mitarbeiter ist im 2 Wochen Intervall in Wien. Abmessen, Infos oder ein gemütliches Getränk jederzeit möglich

Prater 38a
1020 Wien


Meine Home Dropzone in Wels. Hier findet Ihr uns in jeder Freien Minute. Aff springen oder beim Freefly fun.

Flugplatzstrasse 1, 4600 Wels

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